Need some advice

Hello Everybody,

I bought the Web Design Business Kit package a few months ago. I haven’t had much time to go through the whole material. Right now I have a decent full-time (37.5 hours a week) Web Development job. But I am looking to do some stuff on the side. Looking at all the work involved in starting one’s own web-development business, I am thinking of just doing contract work via websites like Elance | Outsource to freelance professionals, experts, and consultants - Get work done on Elance and [URL=“”] I haven’t really done much contract work before so I am trying to polish up my resume, linkedIn profile and the likes to make myself marketable. The main problem I have right now is that most of the Web Apps I work on at my job are Intranet applications and I do not really have a portfolio of work I can present to prospective clients. Can anybody give me neat ideas on web apps that one can build that would look good in one’s portfolio (I can build the apps, I just need good ideas of what one can build that will look good in one’s portfolio as a contractor).

I am a PHP developer (Zend Certified Engineer - PHP 5) , proficient in javascript (JQuery is my best js framework), css, able to adhere to the xhtml 1 strict standard and also knowledgeable about accessibility and SEO techniques in web-development.


eLance and oDesk can be a bit tough… a lot of these marketplaces are oriented towards price, with offshore labour often winning.

Knowing PHP5 & jQuery is awesome, those skills are very much in demand. One piece of advice might be to contact local charities, groups, non-profits and offer to help them out. This might be a way to build a client list and portfolio, get some testimonials, etc.

You might also want to check out Craigslist for local jobs, do a direct mail campaign to a targeted vertical in your city, and participate on (even Mark Zuckerburg has an account there).

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