Need some advice for webapp

Hi, can I ask some advice what should I do,.I have WebApp,.Then I want to fully functional to mobile,I want that if the user will use the mobile app version,the user can login the same as my web app and can perform same as my webapp…do I need to create another version of my webapp for the mobile app to access ?

Thank you in advance.

Depends entirely on how you build your mobile app. If your mobile app runs in a WebView (natively or with the aid of something like PhoneGap), then you shouldn’t need to do anything differently.

If you want your app to function offline then you’ll certainly need to at least tweak parts of the authentication system to handle cases when the user registers/logins without ever having been online and a system to sync data (incase the user does something on two different offline devices).

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Okay, Thank you for the reply… :slight_smile:

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