Need shopping cart which works with


I was wondering if you guys can help me.

I am working on a site which is using

They need a shopping cart which can integrate with quickcommerce.

Here are a few requirements:

  1. Should have shipping cost calculators built in.

  2. Initially there will be between 12 and 24 SKU items in our storefront. But need room for a little flexibility.

  3. Items would be added/updated once per month or once every two months.

  4. They want at least some ability to do discounting, sales, coupons, etc.

Any suggestions on a shopping cart solution? The main thing is that this shopping cart need to be customizable so that it can be integrated with the existing website. I do not want to use any shopping cart template. Well I don’t mind using one as long as I can customize the look and feel.

They were looking to have something like this site: :eye: Does anyone know which shopping cart solution they are using?

Any tips or help on this is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


Zeck :eye: