Need serious help in estabilishing on Google plus

I am pretty established and social on Facebook but same is not happening with Google plus. Please help :sick:

Google Plus seems pretty different. Don’t know how to start there. :x:x

what you mean by

pretty established and social on Facebook

Actually more technical people are on G+ while facebook has all of them. Many of your friend have no G+ account and may be if they have they didn’t come on ther much. So you are not getting notice that’w why you feel alone in G+. Try bring more friends or engage with other to get attention.

You’ll probably have to start out small with Google+, just as all of us did originally on FB. Add people to your circles one at a time & begin sharing things with them so that they go there to check it out more often. Also join in discussions in some of the communities that have similar interests. You may find many more people with common interests there. All of these things take time, & don’t seem to pay off at first, but if you’re truly trying to help people find your site/product, they’re a necessary use of time. Good luck!

Google Plus is really a very good platform to promote business,Just join more communities,increase friends circle on google plus,like more pages,Regular updation or activity on google plus will also be useful , this will help in getting noticed and increase traffic .

search people with your niche and add them in your circle. Join group and start posting on those group it will bring traffic.

Repeat on adding quality posts. Is the same idea that you have to follow on the on page optimization. G+ authorship takes time and for that you need to be persevering. Nothing comes over night. Google policy is to show people that only by hard work everyone will succeed. At the end search engines is really a big family were we have to obey rules.