Need script to cycle through images on mouseover - multiple instances

Hello, I have searched here and google and can not seem to find a script to do what I need. Any help is appreciated.

I need a script to:

  1. Display a base image on a page, e.g. image0.jpg.
  2. On mouseover that image, it begins cycling through other images while the mouse is over it - (image1.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg, etc.) and continues to cycle through them over and over again while the mouse is over.
  3. Onmouseout, it goes back to displaying the base image (image0.jpg).
  4. Needs to support multiple instances on the same page.

This is for an index page for different galleries, so there will be like 20 images showing on the page, and when the visitor puts their mouse over any of the images, it will cycle through the preview images for that gallery.

Thanks for your help.


Do you want anything to happen when people click on one of the images?

Yes, need to link to another page.

You may want to look at the cycle plugin for jQuery. You can use the hover method to enable and disable the cycle event, which allows the cycle technique to occur when the mouse is over the images.

Thanks for the idea. All that looks to be a little much for what I need. Looks like a great tool for a slide show, but I need something a little lighter. I have seen scripts that do very close to what I need with just a few lines of code. The problem is that since I am not very well versed in javascript, I was unable to modify it to my specs.

Found exactly what I needed. Unfortunely it wont let me post the link here since I have under 10 posts. But thanks for your replies.

…you could post the link as raw text…, e.g. w… google com.