Need regex help


I need a pattern for the following use cases: I am using Java

  1. var so = nokia.device.load(‘abc’,‘abc’);
  2. var so = nokia.device.load(“abc”,“abc”);
  3. var so = nokia.device.load(“abc”);
  4. var so = nokia.device.load(‘abc’);
    // 5. var so = nokia.device.load(‘abc’); (Line is commentted)
    function init()
    if ( {
    // set tab-navigation mode and hide softkeys
    var so = nokia.device.load(“abc”);(Line is commentted)

I need a regex pattern which will be give me only the function statments which are listed in bold and NOT italic format function statements as those statements are commented.

Basically, the pattern should give me the statments which are not commented.
Please help me, its urgent.