Need Recommendations for Article Submission

I’ve written articles for a company newsletter and I thought it would help publicize our site to submit them to online business publishers. I was hoping that people might have recommendations for LEGITIMATE publishers who accept submissions.
(I can’t emphasize it enough, my hope for this is only that it will get actual readers who would respect our site for producing good content, not some bs link building dumps)’

Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated.

What good does it do you if I suggest some random website that accepts submissions but has nothing to do with what your company sells/does? You know your product or service, you should know what your target market reads and be contacting those places directly.

I think you’re looking for some "Press Release’ services to publish your newsletters or new products.

But instead of publishing it to other websites, you can think about publishing on your company blog. It’ll be best as Dan suggested.

By that do you mean paid or unpaid, and that too in your niche or just anyone who allows submissions? I too think you should stick with those that are related to your niche.

We don’t really have a niche unfortunately, currently management is targeting businesses generally, and we’d be looking for unpaid submissions.

How about submitting them to ezine articles? Just a thought.

Hope this helps.


I agree, I think you can start off from

You can submit your articles in these site(quickly approve your content).
>goarticles dot com
>ideamarketers dot com
>articlesbase dot com
>articlesrich dot com

you just need to read their terms and conditions…

for ezine and other good article directories, your article should be informative, it should not be promotional, If you want to submit promotional content, you can go threw press release (free or paid) and other way is submit your articles in those article directories, which are powered by wordpress. These WP Article directories will help you to increase ranking as well you can promote your contents.

You said that you don’t have any niche but your website must be relevant to something like what type of business you people are engaged in?
After Panda Update, article directories have lost their rankings because of duplicate content issue. Therefore you won’t be getting desired results through this marketing technique. It would be good only if you provide unique content.

This is the list of good article submission websites that you can try:
ezinearticles dot com
searchwarp dot com
artilib dot org
amazines dot com
sooperarticles dot com
articlecube dot com
articlesbase dot com
goarticles dot com
articlealley dot com
ideamarketers dot com

Ezine is greatly affected by Google Panda. I suggest not using this site for a while.