Need Project Suggestions

I have built microcontrollers whose sensors measure water level, temperature and humidity in two water tanks. These microcontrollers have been tested and report data at a fixed rate.

I have built a new website that I would like to send this data to. One page would reveal the raw data in table form, another page would have a dashboard that would show the current water level at a glance. At the moment, my plan is to use a server database such as MariaDB to store the data.

Here is a grab of a dashboard I am currently using for test purposes. It is Adafruit’s IO.

My question is - What would be the most efficient method to accomplish these goals?

I am reading that I should probably be using AJAX and node.js, but I am not up to speed on either of these concepts. Today I am reading about both.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

How often does the data update? How often does it need to update?

Are you using Thethingsnetwork?

I believe they have a free online database and customisable dashboards. Their data can also be accessed using Cron jobs.

These water tanks are the heart of a water association that provides water to 62 households. That said all of the sensors update the dashboard approximately every fifteen (15) seconds. Anymore than that is overkill because the tank levels cannot go down very fast because the output line is 4-inch ID. Of course, head height affects the draw, but that has not been a factor.

Bottom line is that water level updates every 15 seconds would be sufficient. All sensor data sampling is taken at the same time.

I have heard of LoRa, but never LoRaWAN. I really need to learn more about that.

Thank you very much for the link and info.

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