Need Opinion regarding SEO


We have a business running with a domain I am doing SEO for and ranking well for several keywords.

But now my company decided to use as adwords landing page. They are going to delete all 200 pages of my website and keep as a single page website.

So i immediately purchased new domain This will be replica of current 200 page seo targeted website and now i planning to redirect all pages to respective I will continue SEO for

Now i want to confirm whether i am doing right or not ?

Because one of my friend suggesting to use for SEO. But my opinion is www2 is a sub-domain and it is used for load balancing. So i prefer for my SEO activities.

So i think i am going in right way with using instead of sub-domain

Please share your opinions. I appreciate it.[/noparse]

First thing single page website is not SEO friendly. And if you delete 200 pages then it may be down your ranking. Hence it is better to create new single page and make remain old one with their pages.

My query is - instead of going for for SEO, i can choose [noparse][/noparse] right ?

Redirect it all to just theres no need for excessive redirecting like that.

Yes you are doing it in right way, but one thing - how will you redirect [noparse] home page to[/noparse]. If you are redirecting homepage but only internal pages to a new domain then you will lose rankings because the home page will be no more passing the link juice to the internal pages.

Better you make adwords landing page at, too many redirection is not advised, as well you are doing SEO for 100% agreed with @KevinJohnson this can cause sudden drop and what ever work you have done till now can go in vain.

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about it. Writing 200 separate redirects may be a pain, but it’s easy to script and won’t take long to set up. If it were me I’d move everything to the domain and to redirect as you initially intended.

Whatever you choose, you’ll lose some link juice. 301 redirects aren’t a perfect solution. However, your method sounds sane and will probably pay off the most in the long run.

Let me get this straight – your company has a fully functional 200+ page website, and they want to rip it all out and replace it with a single page serving adverts, and to hell with all the content.

And you want to recreate the old website on a different domain, which I assume you are doing without the knowledge or consent of the company? My question is … why do you think you have any task more important than updating your CV and looking for a new job at a company that isn’t on a suicide mission? Get out of there while you can!

This is exactly what I was thinking. Why would any company possibly want to do this? I NO UNDERSTAND.

[noparse]i agree with this advice, If has better rank for your KEYWORD, why dont just use as LANDING PAGE , BUT on adword use sub domain of as REDIRECT URL to (exp => ~~~> )


hope this help. thx[/noparse]

A very good point. I’ve worked with companies that think like this, often with no real logical basis or understanding. They see a website that does well, see that it has one page, and then decide to get rid of their content.

Competitive analysis is a good thing, but it’s killed a load of companies I’ve worked with. One company, a parent company of one of my last employers decided to abuse long-tail pages. They created tens of thousands of unrelated pages to their sector (finance), and when the Panda update hit they were hit harder than any company I’ve ever known.

Redirect all 200 inner pages to 200 inner pages of new domain
i.e. to to to

Another thought … if you do that, the company could sack you for sabotage. The reason they are making this change, I assume, is to channel all the traffic the website currently gets through a single advertising stream (never mind that it’s a stupid strategy, that’s what they are doing). If you put those redirects on, you’re siphoning off any visitors who land on any pages apart from the home page, which means they aren’t going through to the advert page that your company wants them to. If I had an employee who undermined the company strategy like that, they would be out before they had time to blink.

You’re absolutely right in using the main domain instead of the sub-domain. You’re already on the right track and you have redirected the pages to your new domain. What is needed now is to do more promotion and seo campaigns.

I also agree with Stevie D. You can keep this very simple, just keep as it is and use the new domain which is for adwords account.

Agree. SEO Optimized Page is not necessary for Ad-words Landing Page. You can create Separate landing Page with the website.

Thank you very much guys for valuable replies. I appreciate support and guidance you guys provided to me here. Again Thanks for all the people who replied and the Team Sitepoint