Need opinion on domain name extension


I am still new to this field so I appreciate your opinion. My preferred domain name is taken in the .com. My site would be covering a Canadian subject.

here’s the dilemma: is taken (parked) is available is available is available

What would be the best choice here? taking the .ca, .net or the dashed .com?
Any advantages for one choice over the other?

Thanks in advance


What is you will use
I suppose that will make your domain name much shorter and better?

As others have said - if you are targeting a Canadian demographic then using the .ca is actually slightly preferential to the .com anyway from an SEO perspective.

If it were me I would get the or even just (or both).

Using hyphens or looks unprofessional to me at least as a lot of spam sites use such domains, and getting a .net just looks like you couldn’t buy the .com (unless you are running a network of course).

Thank you all for your input.

given the seo advantage, I registered the domain.
I believe this could be better than because the search on this item comes mostly from outside of Canada. So they have to use the “Canadian” prefix in order to get that version of the information they are searching for.

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That is quite true from a marketing and an SEO point of view:

The .ca will give you a slight advantage if your target audience is in Canada.

Register a .net if you’re looking to target Canada and North America as well as any other international audience. If you’re looking for just Canadian traffic, then .ca would work too, but being there are French Canadians I would root for the .net - I know a site that sells them for $6.49/yr. I’ve been getting .net domains recently. :slight_smile: