Need more games for g

hello all.

so i have recently bring playing many games to catch my mate up on g. my recent games are gear of war 3, crysis 3, c&c red alert, assasins creed 3, fight night 4, and all the games from gold over the past 4 month and many more aswell. just playing pes 2014.

but if anyone knows games that are good g earners, old or new. could u please let me know. got a lot of points to spend on free games so it wont be costing me nothing.



what is “g”?

lol sorry i should of put gamerscore

What is gamerscore?

no kidding…
Don’t even have time to play them anymore but have been working instead in unity 3d & blender to sloooowly build one.
as for gamescore…I was just happy if i didn’t die right away.

I used to love the Devil May Cry saga.

And Final Fantasy. In the case of Final Fantasy, stories where good and I love the creativity of the graphics more than the game system itself. I always thought that fighting was a bit boring and frustrating and slow :slight_smile: