Need just a tiny bit of help with jquery tabSlideOut

Hi everyone!

I’m putting the finishing touches on my portfolio site and have just a couple of tiny kinks to iron out.

On my portfolio pages I have a tiny “info” button that triggers the tabSlideOut jQuery plugin ( It’s working like a dream except the auto-size detector of the plugin is a little too good. I actually want the first couple of pixels of the div that slides out to be “peeking” up from the bottom of the page.

This is the webpage I’m referring to:

and here is what I believe the relevant code to be:

 //set calculated css
        if(settings.tabLocation === 'top' || settings.tabLocation === 'bottom') {
            obj.css({'left' : settings.leftPos});
            settings.tabHandle.css({'right' : 0});
        if(settings.tabLocation === 'top') {
            obj.css({'top' : '-' + properties.containerHeight});
            settings.tabHandle.css({'bottom' : '-' + properties.tabHeight});

        if(settings.tabLocation === 'bottom') {
            obj.css({'bottom' : '-' + properties.containerHeight, 'position' : 'fixed'});
            settings.tabHandle.css({'top' : '-' + properties.tabHeight});
        if(settings.tabLocation === 'left' || settings.tabLocation === 'right') {
                'height' : properties.containerHeight,
                'top' : settings.topPos
            settings.tabHandle.css({'top' : 0});
        if(settings.tabLocation === 'left') {
            obj.css({ 'left': '-' + properties.containerWidth});
            settings.tabHandle.css({'right' : '-' + properties.tabWidth});

        if(settings.tabLocation === 'right') {
            obj.css({ 'right': '-' + properties.containerWidth});
            settings.tabHandle.css({'left' : '-' + properties.tabWidth});

However I don’t actually code JS so I’m hoping you can show me where to tweak the calculation formula so it’s “off” by 5 pixels or so, allowing the div to peak up through the bottom of the page.

Any ideas?


Oh man I lied! I though I fixed it with css but the javascript just “resets” it once it slides once.

The developer of tabSlideOut answered my emails and I’m fixed! Much thanks to Willy P!