Need javascript to override Chrome/Safari a:active behavior?

Need javascript to override Chrome/Safari a:active behavior? Chrome/Safari only consider :active to be the split second a link is being clicked. All others hold the :active state until another element is clicked. In this case, this is the behavior I need. I’m guessing NO, but is there anyway via JS to override this and make Safri and Chrome behave like the others? Thanks! :slight_smile:

How did you get the other browsers to hod the state until something else is clicked? With all the browsers on my computer :active is only used until the mouse button or enter key is released (as it is defined to behave). Presumably if you have some browsers behaving differently from that it is in your browser settings rather than in the web page itself.

The behaviour you are looking for is with regard to which element has the focus rather than which is active.

Perhaps you should try replacing the a:active with a:focus in order to get the behaviour you expect from the styles.

OK, stupid me, your right felgall. I had it somewhat backwards in my mind. IE6/7 use the :active as :focus. The others all use :focus to hold focus. That makes more sense. So it’s the :focus behavior I need changed in Safari and Chrome.

Here my page I’m messing with In Safari and Chrome you have to hold the mouse down to keep the lightbox active. I’m looking for a way to remedy this. I understand it’s a browser behavior so it probably is not easy. But knowing JS can pretty much do anything I thought I’d ask you guys to see if you could come up with anything. Thanks!