Need javascript help to validate yep / nope test for modernizr and polyfills

I need help to implement Modernizr.

I have posted a test at

The scripts that I want Modernizr to load are


They are also commented-out at the bottom of the Test HTML.

I can see that jQuery and Modernizr are loading. I can see that the yep/nope JavaScript that I created is not working. Is it because these polyfills are not needed in my browser? The code appears to have a parsing error but I don’t know why.

I also do not know if these are the appropriate tests to load the polyfills as needed or if they are well-formed.

Here is the yep/nope test script that I made. Please help me to improve this script and point out any other errors that you see. Also I am interested to learn of any resource that lists unified data for
modernizr test / polyfill / yep/nope test script:

<script type="text/javascript">
// Give Modernizr.load a string, an object, or an array of strings and objects
  // Presentational polyfills
    // Logical list of things we would normally need
    test : Modernizr.csscolumns(columnCount),
    // Modernizr.load loads css and javascript by default
    nope : ['js/master-scripts/css3-multi-column.js']
test :'@media only screen and (width)'),
nope : ['js/master-scripts/respond.min.js']
test : Modernizr.generatedcontent(),
nope : ['js/master-scripts/respond.min.js']