Need input on my photography!

hey folks,
recently i developed a new hobby called photography. while SP has been my online mentor. so i come here to ask you guys to check my photography out and do comment. critiques are most welcome. good or bad (i try to make bad one into good ones)

The guitar fanatic shot is great. You captured a strong feeling. The guitar over the shoulder makes a strong diagonal and adds interest. The background is blown out a little and the foreground contrast is a little low.

Escape from heat has interesting textures. The composition needs something more. Try filling the frame. Maybe coming in closer.

Emitting light lacks a clear subject.

mcullan. ur input is?

None. His post has already been flagged, so don’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

flagged? what u mean

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ah ok. u guys r geek :slight_smile: