Need information on Instagram

Hi, I need a suggestion on instagram. I am using a third party application to check who unfollowed my account Does this impact the followers to go down? anytime in the future or effect my account? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

How would using an application to check who unfollowed you cause your followers to go down? How would they know you’re using the application?


I don’t know HOW would they, but it’s forbidden to use any third party aplication, right?

Depends on what application, what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and if they have permission to do it.

If the app just checks (with your approval) who’s followed you by looking at the information normally available to you, and displays said information only to you, I dont believe it is a violation of Instagram’s TOS.

Instagram does allow the use of third party applications, within the confines of their API.

im guessing most people wouldnt know or find out about a third party application, and also dont think its a violation.

I have seen lots of people are increasing followers by posting regular and engaging content. Why don’t you do that?

I think there is no chance to know that you are using an application because your new followers do not know what you are using. That will be blind. So don’t be afraid of that.