Need info?

hi I just came to know about Canon PowerShot G10 Digital Camera…
one of its key features is that it has “DiG!C 4 sensor” ???
Can someone explain what is DiG!C 4 sensor…:rolleyes:

Yes that mean high Sensitivity SystemExpand the range of shooting situations by reducing noise and highlight blowouts, preventing blurring and making low light shooting possible
5x Optical Zoom with Wide Angle LensGenuine Canon 5x Optical Zoom lens you can clearly show distant subjects whilst the 28mm wide-angle lens allows you to shoot beautiful landscapes.

hi thanks for the info…
what do u think Canon powershot will be good for shooting outdoors…

DIGIC (DIGIC - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is the processor that makes the magic happen. The wikipedia link can give you more info on it. The Powershot G series are good camera - I have an old G6 that I use outdoors (and indoors as well) when I don’t want to take along my 7D for some reason.

Dig!c 4 Is 10 MP High Sensitivity Sensor HD Movie Stereo Sound RAW

Hi guys thanks for the help I know its a bit late for the reply but your suggestion really helped me…:slight_smile: