Need info on moving database between development and production environments

My office (unfortunately) still uses MS Access for our website’s database. We use a mini CMS that I wrote to update the database, and once it’s been updated, we use Windows Explorer to copy it to the live site.

Soon, Explorer won’t be an option. We’re using a sort of pseudo SSH client to access both our development and production servers, so we’ll have to copy files to our local machine, edit them, then copy them back to the server. Once they’re checked, the files get copied from the dev server to the live server, but we’re running into a problem when copying the Access MDB files. It appears that if one of our web pages accesses the database while the database is being copied, we get some sort of corruption problem. No one’s been able to figure out how to solve it.

Since I’ve been trying to get Access out of here for over a year, I’m looking at this like another salvo to that end. I’ve been trying to get them to buy a copy of MS SQL Server, so I’m trying to figure out how you would copy a database from a development server to a production server using MSSQL. If I can prove that MSSQL will get us past this copying problem, it’ll be another nail in Access’s coffin.

Does anyone here use MSSQL in a dev/production environment, and if so, how do you copy your database from one server to the other?


Why buy something you can get for free? Download SQL Server Express form here:

Off course!!!

Just create a backup file (.bak) and restore it on the other server…

An excellent suggestion, and one I’ve been over with them. They steadfastly refuse to even consider anything that’s free, even if it’s identical to the paid version of that thing. Their reason is that while the paid one is fine, the free one will be insecure because “anyone can download it and get into it to see how to hack it”.

They said this with a straight face, right before telling me (also with a straight face) that Linux was no open-source.

I’m assuming this is something you do via a web control panel, or is it some other way? Sorry if it’s a dumb question. I’ve only ever used MySQL/phoMyAdmin before. Other than Access of course.

If they are afraid of security risks. the worst thing you can do is using Access!!!

There are many versions of SQL SERVER. to comapre them, read this:

SQL Server Express is just as secure as the paid versions. The main difference is in scalabilty and perfomance. But when you’re using Access, the Express Edition will be sufficient, and it is much more secure than Access…

And you can download a free trial of the paid versions as well, which is fully operation for a limited time (180 days) only, so anybody can download and try to hack it as well. Not a really convincing argument don’t you think?

Why don’t you download and install it on a development machine. You’ll get a management tool also. And after installing it, invite them to test the security aspects. With this (windows, not web webbased) management tool, you can connect to SQL databases, local or remote