Need ideas on ways to share notes online for a small office

I’m part of a small team responsible for embedding captions into photos. We are learning as we go and often times need to inform the other team members how to do certain things, how to populate certain fields, how to write an effective caption, etc. Sort of a “best practices” archive. This information is disseminated in real time through email or Microsoft Word documents. A pain in the ass.

I’m looking for ideas on online scripts or tools we can use to help place this information online so we don’t have to keep mass emailing each other updates. An idea would maybe be mediawiki or something, but it needs to be easy enough for people to update and use. If it’s going to be too complicated to post simple instructions, they won’t use it. We need to easily update the notes as we go along.

Oh, and it has to be free. Thanks!

Perhaps you need a Wiki package—that is, a simple, online content management system for string information. Wikipedia is an example of this, which runs on MediaWiki, which is a free download.

Here’s a list of some other options:

A message board also sometimes can be used as well.

Thanks guys! I will look into the mediawiki thing.

As for messageboards, I am very experienced with phpbb, but I have not been in the “messageboard” environment for over 3 years now. Are there any new ones that are simpler and more basic? I remember phpbb had lots of options, many we won’t need. Perhaps a very simple messageboard like bbPress?

A cms like wordpress would work.

smf and mybb are good alternatives to phpbb.

It really depends on what your workflow. The wiki sounds good to me, or some kind of internal forum.

I personally used Acrobat and its commentary system, either through its review system or via and that work very well too.

If you are already use to using Documents Windows and Google have online document services (free). Both services will allow you to share and edit documents and you can restrict who see’s, edits or uses them pretty easily. You can also compare versions of each document that each person edits. Check it out…