Need idea for this

I have a dynamically uploaded transparent layered image which is showing on top of a background

Now i need to change color of each layer based on user selection…

i am planning to use jquery and gd…
but i am not getting exact work flow style in my mind…or algorithm …how should i approach it…

any help
or any scripts,codes that might help me


one layer may look like this

for layers my idea is
define max 10 layers
when item is inserted she has to insert
layer1 image
layer2 image

layer10 image
1 mandatory other fields optional
(it is possible as image create will be in photoshop layers)

now after upload
i need to put all layers in divs

i will have jquery color selecter which will allow me to change color of particular div (inside which is layer image)
here is the problem
how can i select that pattern inside div (ie layer image) to change color?
it is too complicated to use coordinates…and i cannot fill who div with single color in rectangular way…

any help here

I would start by making a div containing each layer, with front layers being transparent pngs. Then, you’d need some kind of form to specify the tint for each layer - and finally some file system stuff to store the variations. You might end up with a lot of flat files if you do this though, but if you allow direct colour manipulation of the original, the image may lose quality over time and no longer be serviceable as a template.

Could you post the separate layers as different images.

Also, how many different combination of layers are there?