Need idea for A Video Game Genres Site?

Hello. First of all, i am new here :slight_smile: . Second I really need advice about my blog, honestly this is not promotion (still without ads). This is my first project and i am planning to go with Adsense, so my first question is Do you think my site is ready for that? Second question is What would you change or add on my blog? Thank you very much. Address is

Hi @SnowWhite83 and welcome to the forums.

The content on your home page appears to have all been copied from other places on the Web, which creates (for me) a very bad first impression. I believe that using copied content will also count against you if you apply for an AdSense account. Other pages I checked also have copied content.

A blog - in my understanding - should reflect your views and opinions. By all means, present basic facts about video games, if you think that would interest your readers, but do it in your own words. There are many sites and blogs out there dealing with video games, and you need to make yours stand out. Why would I visit your site if I can find the exact same content on a more established site?

Leaving aside the issue of plagiarism, I found little on the site that would interest me. (Again, a personal opinion.) There is a lot of information about what video games are, and what the different genres mean, but beyond “top-50” style lists, there is no information at all about actual games. It’s a blog! Tell me which games you have played - what you thought about them, whether you’d recommend them.

I do like the layout of the site. It’s clear, easy to read, with well spaced text, although the pale grey text will cause problems for anybody with poor vision. I’m also a fan of white-space, so I’m happy with that, too. But - I’m probably not your target audience, so my opinions here may not be too helpful.

I’m into video games and I wanted to see what sort of effect your website would have on me (probably your target audience.)

However the server seems to be down.

Google Chrome could not load the webpage because took too long to respond. The website may be down, or you may be experiencing issues with your Internet connection.

Weird - it’s working for me (and under 500kb for the home page, so shouldn’t be a problem).

Still down for me.

I don’t believe it is our network here since I would normally just get a blocked message. Very weird.

Hello guys. Thank you for your interest. I must say I did not copy/paste content of site, that is not true. Honestly yes maybe 20% but changed little. But i did not find even one site who write 100% new things from head. As I wrote before this is my first project and I love to hear everybodys opinion. I am very concern about my blog not opening for some people, never happened me before. I am open for every suggestion. And thank you again for interesting

Hey @SnowWhite83, it’s a great start and you’re obviously very passionate!

I would recommend Amazon Affiliates over AdSense. With AA you can stick a photo link to a related product on Amazon. For example, in the history post you could replace the image of Atari with an Amazon Affiliate link to an Atari, which would look like this:

It would look exactly like a plain image but when the user hover’s their mouse over it they see that little buy-it-now window (which isn’t invasive: hover away and it disappears). Or stick it in the sidebar incase adblock hides them.

I would restructure the menu, it’s jumbled. You have About and Contact mixed in with the genres and other pages. Alphabetical is fine, but I would take out the non-genre stuff from the mix.

I’m guilty of this myself, but you’ll want to break long posts into shorter ones. Like your Online Games & Online Gambling page should each have their own pages. This let’s you Tweet twice (one tweet for the first and another tweet for the second) without looking spammy.

I would also change the title and tagline. The title’s too wordy and the tagline doesn’t fit the title. Maybe something like idk “All of Games: Genres & Metagaming” or something lol. Something that incorporates your domain name.

Oh! And as you grow, I might replace the long lists of text with a slideshow widget, so instead of having 50 list items you have 50 slides. That’ll make your content fun to read and share. Something like this: (that’s just an example, I’m sure there are better/easier ones out there)

Thank you OzRamos. Idea for Amazon is very good, Maybe I will go with it. For my blog’s menu I agree, I was thinking the same. I already changed the title, thank you for the suggestion ( . And again i wrote down about slideshow for later :smile:

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