Need help?

hello friends,
i need help seo regarding.i have a site related to real estate and i am working on it from last 3 month in between my all keyword is came under 10 t0 30.
but i don’t know what happen my keywords loss his ranks all goes near about 50 to 150. please help me now what can i do?

  1. how old is your site? it might have ranked well due to the QDF algorithm boost
  2. how good/relevant are your back-links? they may have been devalued depending on your link-building practice
  3. what are your competitors doing? they may be more active in doing things better

Additionally, I appreciate your first language might not be English, but your question was almost unreadable - please try writing in a word processor, spell checking then pasting it here - you’ll get less confusion and a better answer :slight_smile:

Target your keyword. make some changes in Titles, use your keyword in H1 tag. Also try to find out quality backlinks. submit your sites in high page rank directories. it will help you.


I would also suggest to generate a sitemap of your website and submit it to Google webmaster tools.

You may want to give this a try:
Visit and type in the name of your website. This will compile data for you based on the search engine results for your site. This data is provided to you based on site visits and links to your pages.

Google update her algo on daily basis.Submit fresh site map and check your back links.They are still there or removed.