Need help wth command line installation on WIndows Please


I need help with command line installation on Windows please

I need to make a silent installation and configure the instance and root password

can this all be done using the mysql-installer-community- file or there are more steps?

or I need to use multiple EXE’s command lines for that?

can anyone guide please?


msiexec C:\Path\To\mysql-installer-community- /quiet /qn

Easiest way in my head is a small SQL payload file and then have mysql execute it:

use mysql;
update user set authentication_string=PASSWORD("mynewpassword") where User='root';
flush privileges;

mysql mysql < change_root.sql

EDIT: Obviously, you should clean up this payload file at the end, so that your root password isnt written in plaintext in a file on the computer…

but this:

msiexec C:\Path\To\mysql-installer-community- /quiet /qn

will not install the MySQL, I already tried it… It seems to be changed now and it will only install a bundle of EXEs which include MySQLInstanceConfig.exe that I think it’s responsible for the core server components installation

I am confused now…

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