Need help with: xampp - ubuntu

I have used xampp on Windows to handle my website development needs, but I am new to using it on linux (am also new to linux). I Just installed xampp 1.8.3 for linux ubuntu 12.04. The install appears to have been successful but, I don’t know how to get the website folder I am working on into the: opt/lampp/htdocs folder - (in windows it can simply be copied to the htdocs folder in xampp - but not so in linux). can anyone advise me on how to do this ( ie - is this done via: sudo command ? / ftp ? / config file ? / some other way ?)


mv is the Linux move command but you should be able to click and drag from a GUI file manager.

IMHO, though, it’s just as easy (and more convenient) to uncomment the httpd.conf to include the extras/httpd-vhosts.conf file and use that (and the hosts file) to create a new “domain” on your localhost. Look at both files for examples.