Need help with URL redirect .htaccess

We want to make it possible for our members to access their services via a direct url, such as: {to go to their main Anoox page}
& {to go to their Chat room}

It does not seem to be possible to do this via Php since $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] does not read the part starting with # sign. So then I need help with the .htaccess file set up to get this done.


# is used for URL fragments and is never sent to the server, so you can’t do anything with it server side. The only way would be to do it client side but if I were you I’d safe myself from that world of hurt and just get rid of the # in the URL or at least replace it with something that does get sent to the server.



1st, it is the rather customary now that such URLs be noted with #, as does for example Facebook in marking their members Facebook pages.

2nd, only character that Php $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’] grabs is the ? character, but there is just too much room for error with this since regular URL GET data are sent this way.

So after much thinking, and believe me we been thinking about this for Months, it seems that use of # is best in such URL to connect to member account and account services,

Then Facebook is using Javascript to make that work. That’s the only way.

Also I was thinking along the lines of /u/dean for example, like reddit.

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