Need Help with Thickbox

Hello everyone !
Im new to web design in general, so any help will be greatly appreciated !

Were using CS5 for my fist site ( made it for my Step Dad and his business )

For photo gallery used thickbox and everithing was great until i checked the site at my friends office. For some reason when he clicked on any image for a larger view, only the top half of the picture comes up from the buttom of the screen. I was wandering if it is my friend PC settings, or there are thickbox settings i forgot to set ? Any ohter advice on design and such will be also appreciated !

here is the web site -

Thanks in advance !

I think that it’s not a good idea to prioritize one browser in particular. Try to build your sites for all browsers. This is not always an easy task, specially because the CSS support from the older versions of IE is a nightmare, but it can be done. Download the new versions of the different browsers and there are enough tools available to test older versions.

The same results for Chrome and Opera on Win7 and to make the list complete. IE 8, FF 3.6.8 and Safari also no problems. Maybe it’s a good idea to tell us which browser your friend is using.

Thanks Black Max for the info, if only everyone left a word about it :slight_smile: would be great !
P.S. My friend’s PC is Windows 7 with IE 8, i think its his IE settings or Win settings…

Thanks donboe for helpful info !

P.S. By the way, is IE is the most popular browser, should i prioritize IE when designing a web site ???

To test in different versions of IE you can download IETester for free.

Works for me in Chrome and Opera (on Win XP). :slight_smile: