Need Help with SQL Statement

I have the following SQL statement:

SELECT section_category, section_order, section_content, section_active, section_practice, section_category_name, subcat
FROM people_section_categories, people_sections
WHERE section_category = section_category_id
AND subcat
IN ( 0, 1, 2, 3  ) 
AND (section_practice =3
OR section_practice =0
AND section_active =1
AND section_person =414
ORDER  BY subcat DESC , section_order, name_order

Below are the results:

You will notice in the results that there are two sets of duplicate section categories (section_category 76 and section_category 20). I need a way to get rid of the duplicates that have a section_practice value of zero. Can this be done in the SQL statment or do I need to do this in the PHP? Thanks!

the latter :slight_smile: