Need help with PHP/Template site (WorksForWeb)

Hey everyone! I am building a website off of a WorksForWeb template. There is an admin panel as well as multiple databases. This is my first site that involves all of this so its a bit confusing. :rolleyes: I recently bought the “Add-Ons” and installed them. However, I cannot get the “Featured Slider” to display the Users Listings when they select that option. Just blank boxes appear! I tried contacting the WorksForWeb people but they are from Germany and not only answer my questions 5 days later, but the answers are in half English. Can somebody take a look at it for me? Also, any good reference sites for template websites like this? They have a users manual but im pretty sure they wrote it wasted. Doesn’t help! Thanks a lot! :wink:


If you are rolling your eyes at the solution and it has very poor documentation than why even use it? Did you inherit this project or something?

Yes I did. My friend asked if I could take it over. Not knowing the exact details at the time, didn’t think it would be much of a hassle since I’ve built other websites before. I have learned quite a bit though building this one through trial and error. Since I’m the only one working on the site, it just gets frustrating when I come across something I cant fix. Even with documentation. Just seeing if there is any good reference material or something I can work with.

The solution to that is don’t do work for friends unless it is absolutely, positively something you want to do. That goes double if you’re not being compensated. I’ve never even heard of WorksForWeb. If you’re not being compensated I would just tell your friend you’re to busy or you don’t know the software and move on with life. I know that doesn’t answer your question but yeah… doing work for friends is always more trouble than it is worth.

Hi, I can help you with this addon as I also work with the worksforweb software to create classifieds websites.
By the way, I was very surprised by your description of this team’s work and I have never met any problems with these guys. May be you have some problems with your email and just hadn’t received their reply?

Anyway, give me your URL, may be I will be useful for you