Need help with PHP embedding

Good afternoon,

My friend and I are trying to set up a gaming league website. We are using an html/css template for the main page. What we have been trying to do learn how to embed pages INTO the html/css banner.


You can see the banner up top and the buttons below the banner. Now, when you click on Leagues, for example, and scroll down to Crossfire SND tourney and click on it. The banner/buttons stay on top and the KML League script shows under it (This script is php and it autosizes to show the full page). Now this works for every page, where the banner/buttons stay on top and all the pages are embedded into it.

Here is our site:

 We want to accomplish the same thing as you saw up above. We want to embed everything into those top buttons/banner = Forums, League page, matches, calendar, etc. Where every page is embedded into that banner. For more clarification, the script we are using is KML league script. 

Basically, we want to have the embedded pages auto-size so that the full pages can be seen, as you saw on Go look at and tell me how it can be done. If it’s possible. Haha. Any help would be appreciated. We got the League page embedded, but it won’t autosize. So, if anyone can shed any light as to how we can do this, please don’t hesitate to reply.

You’re thinking about it backwards.

You want to ‘embed’ (the word you’re looking for is include, btw) the header (everything before the main content) into every content page.

See Include_once.

Where do you put that code in the html of every page?

Include goes in whereever you want the included information to occur.

Try this as an example:

file1.txt (Includes can be anything, from txt, to HTML, to PHP…)

<h1>I Inserted This</h1>


<?php include('file1.txt'); ?>
This is some other text and stuff<br />
<?php include('file1.txt'); ?>
You can even include <?php include('file1.txt'); ?> things in the middle of other HTML code.

For a header… it would go at the top. Because you want it to appear at the top.

Is it possible I can have you talk to the guy that is doing the script on the site? I’m sure it would be easier for him if he was walked through it. Do you have xfire? Only if you don’t mind.

The guy who’s doing the script could just as easily read this thread…

Ok. Thank you for your help.