Need help with my Twitter Account

Hi there,

Can someone who knows Twitter well help me pls.

  1. When I go to my profile, I only see one URL & I want to be able to place 3-4 URLs. Can I do that so people can see that?

  2. I want to be able to put my phone number in there so people can see it, but I don’t see a way.

  3. I also want to put the logo on the left side panel, but again, don’t see a way.

  4. Someone told me not having a background makes the twitter page look terrible. I disagree, what do you think?

They made me a background image, but it’s just incomplete looking IMO & I’m not sure I’ll like it.

  1. Someone sent me a DM & when I clicked on the URL in the e-mail expecting it to go to their profile so I could respond back, all it did was go to

That’s the URL that was at the top of the page anyway.

Here’s the URL… Reply on the web at

Oh, I see what it says, gawd, it only flashed for like 3 seconds. It says I can’t DM someone who’s not following me.

So how did they DM me? LOL very confused. Am I following them, but not vice versa? How can I even tell?

Gawd I hate Twitter & FB.

  1. Whoever coded Twitter is blank IMO even though clearly they are making tons of money. How I have no idea since there’s no AdSense or anything on there, but anyway, their character limit for the user name is like 1 character shy of what I need to use my FULL biz name, so I had to use something else (see above). Is there any way to get around that? Because now if people search my company name they won’t find me, right?

Thanks a ton :slight_smile: & hope everyone is having a great wknd.


Thanks Alex.

I’ll start a new post with a different question.

Take care :slight_smile:


I’ll go through your questions one at a time:

Unfortunately you can’t place more than one URL within a twitter account, twitter is intended to represent a single entity (that’s why). I would advise you to perhaps have a separate twitter account for each website you wish to represent using the service, that’s the recommended practice.

You can’t, Twitter is intended to be simple, if you want to list your phone number, have it on your website. The idea is that people will enjoy your tweets and therefore visit your site for more information and details of how to contact you. It’s a messaging system, not a forum profile or telephone directory.

You could put your logo in the background as part of a background image (in fact you could have a text background which has stuff like all your URL’s, your phone number and anything else you want to list) - granted people won’t be able to click on it, but stuff like a phone number just requires being visible, not being clickable.

I don’t think it makes it look terrible, but it can look bland if there’s little personalisation. :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like they might have followed you, sent the DM and then unfollowed you after. :smiley:

There isn’t a way to get around that, but it’s a rather flawed way of looking at it anyway, when people search for your company their looking for your website, not your social network profiles. You should list your accounts on your site to help people stay in touch and you should link to your site from twitter (so new followers can find you), but thinking that people come looking for your business to see what you’re tweeting doesn’t make it seem like your business has a lot of value.