Need help with my HD NTFS partition

Well, I seem to belabour the community though, I have confidence in you guys.
My 3rd hdd partition E (i.e 2nd logical drive) often changes to FAT32 and showing no contents. Thank you again!

Hi @vfbennyme, I’ve read your other posts about your Windows not working properly. I hope you have a recent backup of your personal files, maybe you need boot the computer from a separate disk/cd/usb that is not handled by your Windows Os in order to make a new backup to an external disk and then try to repair your Windows.

I strongly suggest that you download a rescue cd iso file and burn it to a cd before your system becomes too corrupt to function at all.

I think you would be best off with the Hiren’s BootCD 15.2 (Wikipedia)
Read how to use and download it here:

There are many other Rescue Cds to find if you wish, one of the better is also the SystemRescueCD (Wikipedia).

I do strongly recommend this a few year old Hiréns BootCd as it also has the option to boot a mini WindowsXP from the cd, which I think you would find familiar to use (and make additional backups within) that also give access to all tools avaiable on the cd.

Post again if you need assistance.

Have you run Scandisk on each partition of the drive?

Speedfan ( can pickup the SMART data for a drive, maybe the physical drive is dying, how old is the physical drive?

Maybe he already has.

I haven’t used Scandisk to repair a drive since WindowsXP was the dominant PC OS. At that time the Scandisk and CckDsk utilities, when finding the drive’s FAT was corrupt and asked if it should fix it, the fix would be to copy the second FAT (the backup) overwriting the used FAT. The problem with those Ms tools was that they didn’t check if it instead was the backup that was not up to date, but always “restored” the backup and made both tables corrupt.

@vfbennyme, I guess the “2nd logical drive” is a separate harddisk drive, if so I suggest you disconnect it and not used it until your base system is fully working.

I guess it is a separate disk because in most OEM machines all four primary DOS partitions are already in use, and IIRC the Windows partition need to be primary. And using Fdisk to add a partition means that one primary must be converted to a logical drive container, and the only primary with space would be the Windows C: drive. (Of course you also could delete the smaller (~15GB) hidden “factory restore partition” and use it for a logical container.)

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