Need help with MI phone REDMI 4A

Need auto text generation like mobile & frequent phrases like option or any other option that save my time

Also MI phone REDMI 4A pc suite is not connecting I gogled but no such solution ,plz guide


@Atik1: I have unlisted this topic until it is clear what you want.

The Mobile category is for asking questions about developing for mobile devices. It sounds more as if you are asking for help with using a mobile device.

Please clarify what you are asking.

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Im asking for help with using a mobile device MI redme 4a

If you want help with using a mobile phone I suggest you find a more appropriate forum. This forum is for developers.

I’ve moved the topic to the Community forum, but as @Gandalf says, you’d probably get a much better response asking in a more relevant forum. I’m sure there must be support forums for your phone.

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Ive tried dere support

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