Need help with MI phone REDMI 4A

Need auto text generation like mobile & frequent phrases like option or any other option that save my time

Also MI phone REDMI 4A pc suite is not connecting I gogled but no such solution ,plz guide


@Atik1: I have unlisted this topic until it is clear what you want.

The #mobile category is for asking questions about developing for mobile devices. It sounds more as if you are asking for help with using a mobile device.

Please clarify what you are asking.

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Im asking for help with using a mobile device MI redme 4a

If you want help with using a mobile phone I suggest you find a more appropriate forum. This forum is for developers.

I’ve moved the topic to the #community forum, but as @gandalf458 says, you’d probably get a much better response asking in a more relevant forum. I’m sure there must be support forums for your phone.

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Ive tried dere support