Need help with deciding the configuration

So, i have designed an app, and told a developer to make it. Now i told him that the app will be used to manage the operations of my office, where there is a lot of mobility required. There will be atleast 10 people using the application, on android tablets for about 8-10 hours a day. Now he made the app, but my office is located in a secluded place in India, and there are always internet connectivity problems. I told my developer that i would like to not host this on the internet, but would like to buy a small server, which can handle the load for these 10 tablets, and be reliable enough, that it can withstand a bit of dust and Indian summers.

I asked my developer to provide me with the configuration, but he is not giving me, cause i think, he is mad that i won’t be using his hosting, and that i have decided to assemble the machine myself. Can anyone, here give me a decent configuration, for my needs. I know a little about servers and i think i need a decent, (Not too powerful) processor, i need a two HDD in a raid 1 connection, i think 4gb of ram should do. I have no idea what the best operating system would be, will a standard windows 8.1 pro do?, or should i go for a server OS. All i have to do on this machine, is host the application.

All help is appreciated. Thanks.

Well, the server configuration will belong to what type of your server side app is designed and coded. For the best, you should try to ask your developer.


You say that mobility is involved but not how far from your server. The immediate question becomes HOW FAR. If within your office, you’ll need to be assured that intraoffice communications (probably using WiFi) covers the entire office space. Then, if that’s the case, you should be able to do with a minimal computer (NO need for WinDoze as a simple 'nix box should suffice) so long as it has WiFi capability (and you can load an Apache web server … which is ubiquitous).

If your distance exceeds your WiFi capability (outside your office space, i.e., “on the road”), then you must be “on the internet” as even smartphones and tablets communicate via DATA connections, i.e., via the Internet, so your developer is correct: you need an Internet server.

WARNING: There have been many questions about self-hosting over the last 10+ years and my advice remains to use a (managed) hosted solution because you cannot provide 24/7/364¼ monitoring nor can you provide the full software required of a host to protect and manage accounts.



Thanks. The distance, we are talking about 15000 sqr ft of area, probably two wifi routers. Thats it. Even i think, if i buy a decent desktop system, not too powerful, windows 8.1 pro, and then install wamp on it, then i can host a site/application being used by about 15 -20 people at once.

What do you mean when you say, “(NO need for WinDoze as a simple 'nix box should suffice) so long as it has WiFi capability”. What is a nix box?


Varun Oberoi


I agree, if there are no real obstacles to WiFi transmission, you should only need a repeater (not even two routers).

My reference to a 'nix box is saying that you don’t need a fancy computer running WinDoze 8, all you need is a simple Linux OS on an old computer within your facility. Anything over that would be overkill. Be sure, though, to be aware that neighbors could piggy-back on your WiFi installation so, if security is a concern (and it SHOULD be!), have all your WiFi devices connect via WPA2 AND log each user in via HTTPS before they can affect anything in your database (via your intranet web pages).



Thanks for the help.

I shall test the application in this environment.