Need help with customising OpenCart


Well I noticed that BlabBen metioned Opencart, so I want to give my question a shot here.

I also currently use Opencart, simply because it provides an option to easy implement additional features for a relatively low price.

Currently I have very few extensions enabled to keep the page loading time down (However it’s still too high…)

I have a special extension called OpenCart Page Cache (JAY’s Version) - related to hmtl, and some SEO stuff…

But loading time is still way too high.

Now to some questions I hope some of you guys might be able to help me with:

  1. Anyone here who could guide me into a real solution that provides 100% cache features, that are compatible with OpenCart?
  2. How to make sure all images have a width and height-prefix defines, in order to lower the browser rendering, when loading the page (tweak or extension)?

Hope someone here are able to provide some ideas:)

Ohhh, I forgot something…

When I mention cache in terms of Opencart - I actually mean a full-blown cache solution, that will save server as much as possible.
In other words, not just some different extensions ‘here and there’ - But something like this page here suggests:

My current theme provides some caching features + the extension I mentioned above.

In order to pass this test you are advised to use a caching mechanism for your pages. There are three methods which can be used to caching your web pages:
Alternative PHP caching

  • Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is an open source framework which caches data using intermediate PHP code. Most web programmers who are familiar with the PHP programming language can easily set up Alternative PHP Cache for your site.
  • Quickcache is a lightweight page caching solution which was formerly known as jpcache. Quickcache caches the page output rather than compiling the PHP page, making it a superior version of page caching to the Alternative PHP caching. Quickcache can be quickly downloaded from their website and can reduce your page load time up to 80%.
    WP Super Cache
  • If you have a Wordpress website, WP Super Cache can be installed within seconds and without no programming knowledge.

I really really hope some of you guys have a solution.