Need help with creation of queue systemf or coffee breaks at work

Hi. Im creating a queue system “app” or script for showing of persons on coffee break at work. Where people will click a link to “register” them selv in the queue for coffee break, then on a screen that is located in the room it will show the queue it self with a count down from 10 minutes to 0.

Will this be possible to do with a javascript implementation into a webpage? What would the javascript in that case be?

Please help.

You can use setInterval in javascript for the timer and as for the authentication you would need to build an authentication system to suite your needs or use some other service or something for the user authentication and registering. But this kind of app can easily be created, I built one back in the day to time myself coding and try and set benchmarks well long story short the idea was horrible but the process of building and accomplishing it was great.

I havent done much scripting or coding yet. So not even sure where to start. I have the idea in my head but the hard part is to get i down into codes.

Any advice on where to start or what to start with?

I would start with learning HTML and CSS as its pretty simple to grasp and is rewarding when learning to see what your coding come to life. After that you will probably want to learn javascript but first get comfortable with html and css. You can find many tutorials online on how to build simple website’s.

You can do something really simple using PHP, and or mysql to store the data. Set up a page to run at an interval using ajax.

If you want to do something really simple & quick you could just use php’s fopen & fwrite functions to create local text files with the users name, and have the interval update these files containing a countdown in seconds. The interval will update a table in the page showing the team members out & their time left.

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