Need help with coding a mp3 playlist

I’m working on my churches website
and i just need this part done and out of the way
Im crazy busy and need help figuring this out.

  1. The playlist will open up when sermon audio link is clicked
    in a new browser window but not a full page window.

  2. Need download button for mp3 that will prompt to save
    to harddisk for the user.

3.Menu style needs to be accordion.

  1. When a track is selected it will play in the media player at
    top of playlist.

Any suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks All :slight_smile:

Hi spacecowboy_45. Welcome to SitePoint. :slight_smile:

It sounds like you’ll need a bit of scripting to get functionality like that. There are some free mp3 players out there, but popus in new windows, accordion menus (you haven’t really made clear what you are picturing here) and things jumping to the top of a list all sound like a job for JavaScript. Would you like me to move this thread to that forum?

Yea it took me like 20 seconds to post this i was in a hurry.
I do know that i will need javascript. Ill post this there.
Thanks ralph.m