Need help with a script

i don’t know where to post it, either in php or JS forums coz what i need is JS based and php drive data from table. what i m looking for is a flexible column’s with can be sortable and of course contains a scroll when extended beyond height. with that i also need the drag and drop functionality on columns. i did looked around but all i have is each functionality in different. whereas i need them all together. anyone can guide me building a script like that or link to one with that al functionality

Don’t try to build in all the functionality at once. Start with generating the table and then add the functionality piece at a time testing that each works before adding the next.

the tables are printing using the php, my headers currently depend of css. which isn’t much os help coz its using fixed header using positioning. so i need different width’s for different column. so for now what i need is sortable table and excel like columns which can be dragged to make big or small but i can’t make out how to use jQuery ingrid (if i want to) with my currentl existing page