Need help with a .gif

I have an image…

I need a similar image, but of 20 x 20 px size.

Thanks in advance.


You could resize the image with a suitable program, also change the image format and more with e.g.:

Try both, they are free to use and very competent and feature rich with lots of addons for every need…

I didn’t notice your image was animated, I’ve disabled annoying image animations in my browser. :slight_smile:

As an example, I scaled your animated image down to 20px keeping the animation.

I used


Thanks. Yes, they both from your first comment don’t work with animated images.

I am not sure but can’t you use the image link with an

<img src="#">

Then use the width and height

<img src="#" width="20px" height="20px">

Tell me if I’m wrong.

I think it’s not so easy. So big size change breaks image completely.

I will suggest trying the following online tools for resizing GIF file:

  • Theimagekit.
  • Softorbits


Theimagekit, the online tool didn’t accept animated GIFs.

Softorbits, I couldn’t find the online resizing. No info if the free download would work with animated GIFs.

Check out the attachment which contains a 20 x 20
animation and the individual frames. (9.7 KB)

It looks like this…



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Seems like your resized image has lost it’s Alpha Channel. :wink:

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Hi there Eric_J,

at 20 x 20 does it matter. :wonky:

Personally, at that size, I am almost unaware of the animation. :rofl:


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Me too, I disable annoying image animations. (Like :rofl:)

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