Need Help Tweeking a 2-level Tab Menu

I’ve implemented a script into a website i’m designing but I need to alter it a bit. I got the script from here:

Here’s my page and my code:

What I want to do is eliminate the default tab but still have the default text remain. right now the default tab is just a “period”. I know I could probably style it make it appear as if it isn’t there but I’d rather just eliminate it.

I’ve tried a few things, like just deleting the tab from the HTML code (the default text disappears) and changing the variables in code (just screws it up royally).

Is what I’m looking to do possible with they way this code is set up?



thanks your reply. I tried removing that line but then it also removes the default text.

I’m might try a CSS only solution that I found here:

Okay, just a quick thought, since I’m no expert on JS-driven menus. You might remove this line:

<li><a href="http://index.html" rel="sc1">.</a></li>

and put some left padding on the “News” tab. However, it might break the code. Why not just delete that list item entirely?

Also, this:

<li><a href="[COLOR="Red"][B]http://index.html[/B][/COLOR]" rel="sc1">.</a></li> 
<li><a href="[B][COLOR="red"]http://news.html[/COLOR][/B]" rel="sc2">NEWS</a></li> 

is invalid.

Without looking at it, I’ll tell you that I’ve had bad experiences with Dynamic Drive code. They tend to be a bit glitchy. There are a blue million tabbed code templates out there. You might do well to do some checking of other ones.