Need help trouble shooting this. Thanks!

Moving back to Cali and getting our biz up and running again. Tending to all the things that have broken in my absence.

This site

The social share buttons up top / left - Facebook, twitter etc. They don’t respond to clicks. I just trouble shooted it for nearly an hour and I can’t find the issue. Can any of you? Thanks!

PS I verified that all the js links are the same and the classes in the divs and links are still the same at They are.

I believe the old behavior that worked was once you click it it opens up a popup.

This is a mix of js / css / html and custom all of it.

Thank you for looking!

They are absolutely positioned there so I messed with Z-index as well.

Woo! I’ve been wondering where you’d got to. Welcome back!

None of those links have URLs in them (that is, href=""). I’m not sure if this is because some script is supposed to insert them, but I can’t see it if there is. If that’s the way it’s supposed to work, it’s a reminder of why it’s better not to rely solely on JS for (pretty much) anything.

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Thanks! Just fixed it. It was such and easy fix - it was hiding in plain sight. The link to the script changed from http to https.


Another little bothersome issue. See how the same social buttons (top / left of page) adjust over to the right by a couple pixels after page load? Or while clicking from page to page? I don’t like movement after the fact. Can anyone find the presumably easy fix for that? I just tried. I can’t.

Screen Shot 2023-07-18 at 6.02.29 AM


scratch that I fixed it. I had to feed the anchor the same rules in my css as the script was with !important.

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