Need help to send mail to inbox

Hello everybody,
I am using PHPMailer5 to send email. Also I have used SMTP Authentication for sending emails.
The problem is that when I send email from hotmail to ymail or yahoo, the mail is going to junk.
Similary, when the mail is send from yahoo or ymail to hotmail, the mail is in junk instead of inbox.

How can I all mails in inbox from any kind of mail server that might me gmail, hotmail or yahoo or something else who might be the sender like hotmail or gmail or yahoo or alive etc.

Thanks in advance.

A solution some people have used that works is

$from = 'Your name <>';

if (mail($to,$subject,$message,$from)){
    echo 'Email sent successfully';
} else {
    echo 'Email failed to send';

Hi, SgtLegend

Your suggestion work while mail is sending from hotmail to yahoo but yahoo to hotmail is not working. And hotmail to hotmail is working but yahoo to yahoo is also not working.