Need Help to install sitebuilder


I have just installed WHMCS and now i want to use site builder. I dont know how to get this done. Also my friend told me that normally WEB Hosting company uses Plesk site builder but its not free because i want a free site builder installed on my whmcs so i can use it for my hosting company in near future.

Please help me




Try this few of there applications are free.

I see the link but didnt find any site builder to integrate as module in whmcs


Are you looking for a website builder to use for your site or for your customers? I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘installed on my WHMCS’. Really it would have more to do with cPanel.

If you sign up for a website builder such as Plesk you will get a new admin panel to manage who’s using the site builder. What we do is have our website builder available on request so once someone requests it we set-up the sitebuilder on their hosting account.


Hi Jack,

Sorry if wasn’t able to tell properly.

Yes, What i mean is that i want a website builder to use for my hosting site, which will be used by the customers when they signup. Also looking for the free one Plesk is expensive.

Help will be appreciated!



Why don’t have freetemplate and change it a bit? Not each web hosting company offering pleask will offer sitebuilder for you.

I suppose some free sitebulders can be found. Try to do some search on hotscripts.

Try that link