Need help to install a splash page

I need help installing a splash page on a site I’ve taken over.
The site is in .asp which I am unfamiliar with. I’ve made several attempts to install the splash page but was unsuccessful. I do realize a splash page is not a good thing to install but my client insists it goes up.
Could someone walk me through the steps, much appreciate it.
here is the site:

I just need a splash page, which is really just an image, to load before the site, then to disappear(then the site loads) when the image is clicked on

When you go to you are really loading the index.(whatever ext) in the root of the site, unless this is changed. So put your image and click here to enter, then link that to another file, like index2 or home. Or did you want like a now loading screen which you sometimes see with gmail?

It’s not really clear what you are trying to do… at least to me. Will the rest of the site remain in place, and you just want an extra page at the front of the site? This may be a wuation for the ASP forum.