Need help to get listed in Google

My website is not exist in google, please help me. What changes do you suggest me to make on my website?

Your first step would be to submit the site to Google Webmaster Tools, to let Google know your site exists so they will crawl and index it.
Bing have a similar tool too.

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What do you mean by your site “doesn’t exist in Google”? If you do a search for site:yourdomain, do you see your pages listed? If you mean your site doesn’t appear high in the search results for your chosen term, that’s a different issue.

As you seem to be new to SEO, I highly recommend that you work through Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide”.

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did you upload your website in google search engine if the answer is yes? then you have to check it again is every thing ok and if you find any mistake or error fix it.

to make your content/pages to appear on google you need to register and submit your sitemap at google webmaster tools, update your site regularly, share your site on social media like Google plus, twitter and many more, get link to your site (backlinks), and make sure your content is original not C&P (copy and paste). and within some days you will see a big changes

when did you take the site live?

First check your robot file and meta robot tag that it is not blocking Google to crawl your site. Also check in Google Webmaster is there any errors. If it exist before and not now may be due to any penalty.

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