Need help to get as "appointed" and as "appointedby"

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Hi, can ask some help

I have this table


CREATE TABLE `tbl_user` (

`fname` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
`mname` VARCHAR(20) NOT NULL,
`email` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,




CREATE TABLE `tbl_appointed` (
    `appointed` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
    `appointedby` BIGINT(20) NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`id`)

and this is the value in my tbl_appointed

id     appointed      appointedby
1      5              10
2      3               30

appointed and appointedby are the id of tbl_user

How can I populate like this

Appointed             AppointedBy

John Mek             Charles Lee
Shane Orlen          David Lambert

here is my sql query but I cannot get the appointedby

select, concat(usr.fname, ' ' ,usr.lname) as 'Appointed', concat(usr.fname, ' ' ,usr.lname) as 'AppointedBy'
  FROM tbl_user  as usr
  inner join tbl_appointed as appntd
  on = appntd.appointed
 and = appntd.appointedby

Thank you in advance.

I’m not that good at SQL but looks like you have to select from tbl_appointed and join users table twice
Something like that:

    concat(usr1.fname, ' ' ,usr1.lname) as 'Appointed', 
    concat(usr2.fname, ' ' ,usr2.lname) as 'AppointedBy'
FROM tbl_appointed as appntd
JOIN tbl_user as usr1 ON = appntd.appointed
JOIN tbl_user as usr2 ON = appntd.appointedby
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Thank you it’s working…hmmm I tried that join before I posted this question. I just have some mistake not putting usr1 and usr2.

Thank you again.

FYI unless you plan to have over 2 BILLION users, you should use INTEGER and not BIGINT

also, quick question, can a user be appointed by multiple other users, or just one?

Thank you for correcting my datatype,

just one

can you also show how to have appointed mulitple other users ?

Thank you in advance.

in that case, you don’t need a separate table, just add appointedby to users – this means each user is appointed by only one user, but one user can appoint multiple users

for a true many-to-many relationship (one user can appoint multiple users, and one user can be appointed by multiple users), you would keep your separate table

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