Need help to get a job

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a job via a php recruiter for company’s.
But I am quit nervous since my education isn’t for php developer.

I got a knowledge file that I need to fill in so they have more info.
Now I need some help so I can get a better change to land a job.

This is very important since I want to land a job so as a php developer so bad.

So if you guys would be a boss what would you like to see and what do you expect to see at least to check if I would be good for your company.

Your formal education isn’t as important as what you have experience with and what you can actually do.

Have you ever developed using PHP professionally? As a hobby? What do you know about PHP? Are you familiar with any major frameworks? Do you code to PSR standards? Are you any good with MySQL (those often dovetail together)?

Could you pass any kind of knowledge or practical test for the PHP language?

If you have the knowledge they need you to have, that’s what will matter the most, I’d suspect.

Well in my opinion I have a good understanding of php.
I am using php to create a small framework for my own website and have used it to create throw away cms systems.

Since a year or so I am trying to stick with psr-4.
I have used codeigniter I the past did not like it to much and I am trying to learn laravel now.

Normally I use a orm instead of plain mysql.
But I should be able to pull it off pretty quickly.

What do you mean with : could you pass any knowledge or practical test.

But since I have the feeling I need a professional to help me get better I really want to land a job.

Demonstrate - with examples - that you are capable of doing the job.
Show that you are not afraid of a challenge. Never, NEVER be too self-confident or boastful as if you know-it-all.
Although this may sound counter-intuitive; the more humble you are about your desire to learn and grow, the better.

In any correspondence (email, etc) be ABSOLUTELY SURE there are no grammar or spelling errors. That will put off any hiring manager immediately. It demonstrates a LACK of attention to detail.

All employers want someone who will be “willing” to apply themselves and work for the good of the team and the overall mission. Bear that in mind.

Lastly, the most difficult thing, don’t set your hopes and expectations on this one job. If you consider this just one-in-a-series (practice) you will evoke a great sense of confidence.

Best of luck. Please be sure to report back here on your results.

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Thanks for your advice.
But I maybe am not confident enough if I could actually pull it off.

Reason is I see so many great developers but I don’t have one I my social contacts.
So it is hard for myself to learn more at this point while this is the point where I need to grow to show that I can do this.

And as for hoping, I normally don’t set my hopes high.
Reason why I am so set to get started in development is because I lone doing it and I need professionals to get more experience.

So this job is one in a whole serie if this one fails.

I recently read one of Jeff Atwood’s blog posts that mentioned “FizzBuzz” as an interview test. Do you think you could do that if presented with the challenge during an interview?

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Well I need to admit I have never heard off it so I needed to look it up.
So when I looked it up and I saw what they meant and to admit since I have never heard off it I had some trouble.

But then I was thinking maybe a foreach that goes trough all numbers.
Then I was stuck ( since my normal math sucks ).

So I took a look at the answer and I was, well amazed.
The idea was so simple while I thought it was harder.

So to answer your question.
No I could not do it, but that does not stop me since I learned a new lesson thanks to you.
Sometimes the easiest answers is the best answer.

To keep you guys a bit up to date.
The weekend has passed and I have watched the laravel fundamentals.

Plus I got a message from the recruiter he has found a company who wants to talk with me this week.
So quit excited.

No matter!!
the knowledge matters not education.
if you have knowledge then you can easily earn money from your knowledge.
use freelancing and then try other job

Today I had a job interview.
And it went fairly well, I got nervous in the beginning of the interview and he told me I don’t need to worry.

Reason why is because he knew I am only a junior and he only wanted to know what I know.
So we continue the interview and basically I can get the benefit of the doubt IF I pull hard and work my ass off.

One thing he wanted me to learn now is OOP.
So can you guys help me learning the correct way using OOP in a big project ?

That’s a very generic questions. When you have specific problems, we will do what we can to help. You should also look at tutorials and books and other sources of information.

It is also likely that the company will help you to help yourself… They will have some experienced coders there that can help to answer your questions

A forum, as helpful as we may be, it is not a substitute for a teacher. It is just another resource that you can use :wink:

Yet, programmers learn more when reading other programmer’s code

True, but I want to do it the correct way so I have more changes to not be fired a month or 2 after.

Basically he would give me a change but it means if screw up I don’t have any job.

But I would like to work with somebody on a project and maybe get some help.
Maybe if I upload my cms project to github somebody will help.

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