Need help to find silence code from my php code

hello guys:)

tnx for all helping to me
and sorry for my bad English speak .:frowning:

i have a request . plzzzz;)

i send to you my code pack

this is a cms for me

and i cant under stand how i can make silence for it

this script use rc4 code

i decode all php file you need for understand algorithm license maker .

please help to solve my problem

please download it

please read it

im wainting for your answer and refresh my page every 10 minutes for see good news from you

its very very important for me .:confused:


Sorry, can you elaborate?

i cant under stand how i can make silence for it

I guess OP means licencing for the code though I am not good guesser :stuck_out_tongue:


and thanks reply my post

i said license :smiley:

when i want install this script need serial number ( license )

and i want know how i can make serial number for it :slight_smile:
( or for every domain )


big thanks

Sorry, that’s illegal; therefore not permitted here. As this is ‘very, very important’ to you, have you considered legally licensing the software in question?


tnx for answer

but this script is free and this company make a serial for it

and i buy it 300$

but dont support me for code .

for trust me you can ask him and check ( support panel mihan nic ) you can see nobody cant answer