Need help sizing home page to fit different browser sizes

My homemade photography website in Dreamweaver. You can see it here:
I know it is not perfect, but will work for now. I am no web designer and would say I’m a 2 out of 10 as far as understanding web design. Anyway, when I reduce the size of my browser the text moves along with it, but my 3 images in a table stop at some point, although the text continues to adjust to the smaller window size. Also on my ipad the layout is off center. I have read somewhere it needs responsive design or a liquid layout or something. Can anyone help me with a fix in order to allow the page to reformat to fit the window if it becomes smaller.?
Thank you very much.

It might need responsive design, but not tonight. I believe that Simple will satisfy your request for this page.
The 3 images are nested in 5 levels of “blockquote” tags. Delete all five levels of “blockquote” tags and the table containing the images will be centered just like the text beneath them. Test thoroughly.

I do not know how this will affect the maps.

This code will never be responsive. It is inflexibly HTML. Truly responsive design requires a different layout strategy, different tags and styling with CSS.

Thank you very much! This seems to allow the images to move along as I shrink the browser width. For now it will suffice.
Once again, many thanks … has saved me many hours of frustation!


Thanks for the feedback, Andy.

Best of luck to a pro.