Need help removing a virus

My website has got a virus a few months ago. Since then, I have tried all possible solutions to remove it, yet it keeps coming back again and again and again.
Solutions I tried:

  1. First I prepared a well scanned version of my website on my localhost against any virus
    I uploaded that version after I cleaned my website from the old version
    I changed all CPanel & FTP passwords
    I scanned my Laptop as well of all possible viruses

It’s really annoying and I want to get rid of it. However, Google search engine never marked my website as a harmful website in it’s search results.

Anyone can help me removing that virus???

Any help would be highly appreciated in advance

the last time I had a virus I used this site I hope it helps u…8e37c08e&hl=en

Dead link, would you mind reposting please?

Did you update whatever your site is running to a current version?

Is the server managed by yourself or by whoever hosts your site? Is your site the only one being hosted on the server?