Need help regarding social media networking

Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well.
I am seo expert and currently i am working with a chinese hospital for their website seo. I am really good in seo but i have no knowledge of health field and i am not good in social media networking too. I need some one help me how I can spread this hospital in social media platforms. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Kindly respond me ASAP.
Thank you.

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Why would a hospital need seo?? people come to the hospital if they are sick they don’t google “which hospital has the best prices?” they just go to the nearest one.

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Why ? We have just started seo of this hospital 2 months ago and now we are getting 50+ appointments from website on daily basis because people do google for hospitals and doctors

I don’t doubt that people do search for information about hospitals.

What I question is why should the task of SM SEO fall upon someone that has no knowledge of the health field.

Social Media requires an ongoing effort and interaction with members. It seems to me that the hospital would want to utilize someone knowledgeable that could represent them authoritatively. Anything less would likely prove to have a negative effect.


If you haven’t any knowledge about health field, then how you get 50+ appointments and if you get it then why you need SMO?

Nevertheless, if you want to do SMO, then first you have to join groups regarding your subject and after that post.

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Many hospital also involve to publish online health related Articles along with treatment facilities. I think it is a good way to make people aware about health. SEO is important to enhance online visibility of individual website.

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True, but as @Mittineague points out:-

Writing this content should maybe not the the job of an SEO, but a healthcare professional who has the time to write.

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Thank you

Getting people to talk about your website on Social Media is by engaging with them, write about the subject matter daily, add Social Media buttons on the website, make people in similar field friends and get to know simple ways to facebook likes.

Hoping this will be of some use to you - I’ve recently found a more specific network of people in my field on Slack. It seems to be a better quality hub of relevant people than most platforms. I’ve been able to find investment and further work through the channels. You have to find a good host. I use The Gig Collective because they are set up for freelancers and self employed people but I’m sure there are others.

Good luck though!


SEO is used by many different types of businesses, organizations, associations, etc. Whether it be a hospital, or (in our case) [consumer hobby drones](I have an e-commerce business. I’ve done quite a bit of research about advertising on social media. Unless you’re willing to pay for advertising, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., the only thing that can really cut it is if you post, on a regular basis and during an extended period of time (months, years), quality content that is relevant. ), having a presence on the Internet has become important for day-to-day activities. Being on the Internet won’t do anything if you don’t also have visibility. SEO provides just that, visibility on the Internet.

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has little or nothing to do with Social Media, as most social networks mark user-submitted links nofollow. Yes, it can certainly drive traffic and provide a useful means of advertising, but that is a separate area. Let’s not confuse the issues here.

If i have to chance to glimpse my statistic.About 70% coming from facebook. But anyway just to share this. Maybe your company need some employee who have a talent on digital that can manipulate engagement on picture, another one is a good customized of video. Video uploading on social media have a large impact to be share if that video have a guts or a sense in real life or that are usable to a mankind…Since you are in the hospital field, maybe show up to the world you’re new advance technology. After creating video spend little amount on campaign to get some reach.